a knowledge centre for dairy automation

Au2mate Academy is a knowledge centre for dairy automation that offers education and training of managers, operators and technicians in dairy automation!

The dairy plants become larger and more complex both in terms of processes and applied automation technology, while the requirements for performance are increasing; this including process optimization, waste, energy consumption, detergents and plant uptime. Thus the requirements for operation and maintenance personnel are increasing in relation to continuous optimization, and time to diagnose and perform error correction on the plants and the automation systems! Disciplines where training can be offered are among other: Operation, hardware, software, instrumentation, OEE, traceability, reporting and documentation.
Additionally, Au2mate Academy can customize education and training by appointment!  

Au2mate Academy offer dairy specific automation courses.
The training is targeted management, plant operators as well as technical staff and includes: automation concepts, instrumentation, PLC, SCADA and MES, structured according to prevailing industrial standards and best practices, e.g. S88 & S95.

The Au2mate Academy is established in modern facilities at our Headquarters in Silkeborg DK and holds a class room and a live pilot process plant consisting of: reception, raw material storage, pasteurization, buffer tanks and dispatch as well as CIP plant.
The pilot plant is built in mini-scale to run on water. The plant is designed and built in industrial standard with instrumentation, PLC, SCADA & MES in order that theory and practice can be trained in correlation!

Au2mate Academy live plant