manufacturing execution systems and ERP integration

The process industry is facing increasingly stringent requirements to the documentation and traceability of products and manufacturing processes. Au2mate supplies solutions for integrated industry automation comprising  Management Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Au2mate’s solutions are very versatile and flexible. They can, for example, be used for reporting in connection with material tracing in the plant or with regard to mass balance. In addition, MIS solutions can be used in connection with calculation and reporting regarding Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Au2mate’s MES solutions can be used for overall production execution, where they function as support for detailed planning of day-to-day production and batch control. Industry targets for reducing manual, paper-based routines can also be supported by integration with overall ERP systems.

The systems are scaleable and can be used in connection with existing facilities as well as together with new installations.

Our solutions are built on open standards that can be adapted for systems from SAP, Oracle and others. These data are organised in databases in accordance with S95 structure, which facilitates integration with ERP systems. Reporting is based on WEB browsers to make the distribution of information simple, user-friendly and economical.

Please contact us for forwarding of datasheets:

  • Data acquisition
  • Production reporting
  • Material tracking
  • ERP Integration
  • WEB solution
  • Based upon S88/S95/XML/B2MML